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FERESHTEH STOECKLEIN Studied Interior Design in the U.S and Germany. Studies of Fine Art began with oil painting of the ‘French Impressionist School of Painting’ (Ecole des Arts Francais). By living in many different countries, her search for fulfilment of her art continued. As we see from her stay in Malaysia, where she was inspired by Chinese brush painting. She joined an art academy in KL whilst also learning from three masters of art of calligraphy, Chinese ink and colour brush painting. There she learnt that every brush stoke has special meaning and is influenced by chinese tradition, religion, and philosophy.  Later she returned to Europe, where she joined the ‘Fachhochschule’ in Duesseldorf,In Germany and in Munich Germany she joined the 'Atelier Project 'group of artist she studied the ‘German School of Expressionist Painting’. Here she worked with watercolour and acrylic paints on large canvases or paper.

The Artists form of expression is in watercolour, Chinese brush, or acrylic. She creates scenes from Africa, Far East, South America and Europe. Her art provides a temporary inclusion for the observer to enter and experience the unique and spontaneous harmony of the painting.

The Artist was a member of the 'Autoren Galerie in Munich Germany', 'Atelier Project in Munich Germany', 'Vision in Art' and 'East and West Artists & Culture club' and a member of the 'Candid Arts Trust' in London



Previous Exhibitions

1986 Hilton Hotel Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
1990 Hilton Hotel Duesseldorf Germany
1990 Schnitzler Beauty Spa Duesseldorf Germany
1991 University of Duesseldorf Duesseldorf Germany
1994 Galerie Am Bachfeld Muenchen Germany
1994 Autoren Galerie Muenchen Germany
1995 Safir Hotel Kuwait Group Exhibition
1996 Das Sekretariat Gmbh Muenchen Germany
1996 Autoren Galerie Muenchen Germany Group Exhibition
1997 Autoren Galerie Muenchen Germany Group Exhibition
1998 Autoren Galerie Muenchen Germany Group Exhibition
1999 Autoren Galerie Muenchen Germany Group Exhibition
1999 Sheraton Hotel Muenchen Germany
1998-2002 Permanent Galerie Muenchen Germany Arabella Haus Sheraton Hotel

2001- 2015 Online Gallery www.visual-poetry.com

2003 LIGHT gallery London England
2004 Candid arts London England
2005 Candid arts London England
2006 Candid arts London England
2007 Online Gallery www.visual-poetry.com
2008 Online Gallery www.visual-poetry.com
2009 Online Gallery www.visual-poetry.com

2010 Group Exhibition Battersea London

2010 Street Billboard Exhibition london


2009-2015 Online Galleries

2016  Group Exhibition OXO Towers London England


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http:// www.newartoriginals.com/stoecklein

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http:// www.saatchi-gallery.co.uk/F.Stoecklein 

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http:// www. pictify.com


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Future dates to be announced...
Fereshteh's work  exhibited yearly at the Autoren Galerie Muenchen, Germany Group Exhibition



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